Types of Brochure Design Service

There are different sizes and events for which brochures are use. For size there is bi-fold, tri-fold and Z-fold, and half-fold brochure. The size of brochure is chosen depending on the purpose of marketing. For instance an event like fund raising you needs to provide details and for this Z-fold brochure is suitable.

Single Page Brochure Single Page

Single page brochures are commonly designed when they are to hand over in events, music concerts, malls, exhibitions, markets, stalls and during activity marketing.

Bi-Fold Bi-Fold

Bi-fold brochures are commonly designed to display small company portfolio product or service. They are usually used by companies to targeted distributors in the market.

Tri-Fold Tri-Fold

Tri-fold brochures also known as z-fold brochures are commonly designed to incorporate multiple services provided by the single company or restaurants lengthy giveaway menus.

Four-Panel Fold Four-Panel Fold

Four-panel fold brochure is an extension of a tri-fold brochure. If you feel less or limited space to display your product or service, there is no restriction in adding one extra fold.

Single Gate Fold Single Gate Fold

Single gate fold brochures are not very common but quite handy in creative marketing by large-scale companies because it can be visually attractive and appeal to customers.

Double Gate Fold Double Gate Fold

Double-gate fold brochures are the extension of single-gate fold brochure. If you feel less or limited space to display creativity through design, you can add one extra base-fold.

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